RefugePoint Joins Welcome.US along with Obama, Bush & Clinton

RefugePoint Joins Welcome.US

The United States has a long, proud history of welcoming newcomers in times of crisis. We’re a nation born of immigrants and refugees, who have shaped and built our country. Today, we have an opportunity and obligation to welcome our Afghan allies with open arms, in the same way that we’ve welcomed so many others throughout generations.

Former presidents and first ladies, the Obamas, Bushes, and Clintons, have joined Welcome.US as honorary co-chairs of the Welcome Council to integrate and welcome Afghan refugees in the U.S.

Welcome.US is a national effort — built across sectors, political parties, and all walks of life — to empower Americans to welcome and support our new Afghan neighbors. 

As a member of this new coalition, RefugePoint welcomes this cross-sector collaboration that Welcome.US has brought together. The website offers distinct opportunities to help Afghans arriving in the U.S. and elevates the needs resulting from the evacuations and mass exodus from Afghanistan following the U.S. withdrawal and Taliban takeover of the country. 

“We’ve been working with Afghan refugees for many years, including unaccompanied children and others in life-threatening peril, to help them resettle to safe countries and reunite with family. This is a unique moment in American history to act, to save lives, and to build more inclusive communities in the US so that our allies and new neighbors can rebuild their lives,” said Sasha Chanoff, RefugePoint’s founder, who also serves on the National Welcome Council. 

Read more about RefugePoint’s efforts to support Afghan refugees here.