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Jun 2023

Who We Are: RefugePoint

Jan 2021

RefugePoint’s 15th Anniversary Refugee Stories

Aug 2019

RefugePoint’s Case Planning Process

RefugePoint Social Worker Carol Kamakil describes RefugePoint’s case planning process.

Oct 2018

#BetterLivesNow: Leveraging Refugees’ Talents

On September 20, 2018, RefugePoint and the Women’s Refugee Commission in cooperation with the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative organized Better Lives Now: Leveraging Refugees’ Talents, a side event to the UN General Assembly, to launch the Refugee Self-Reliance Initiative.

May 2018

A toast from RefugePoint’s founder, Sasha Chanoff

A toast from RefugePoint’s Founder, Sasha Chanoff, at the all-staff retreat in Kenya (May 2018).

Sep 2017

Women and Children Refugees: A discussion between Isabel Allende and Sasha Chanoff

Isabel Allende and Sasha Chanoff discuss the challenges that face women and girl refugees in particular.

Sep 2017

AJ RefugePoint

Feb 2017

Tent Foundation: Rethink how we approach refugee issues

RefugePoint, a Tent Challenge grantee, provides life-saving assistance to highly vulnerable urban refugees in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition to providing life-saving services…

Oct 2016

Show of Force: An Impossible Choice

We all need help in our times of greatest challenge. Today we are confronted with the question: what can I do to help refugees in their most desperate hours? RefugePoint started as a response to that question. You can watch our founding story in this Congo…

Jun 2015

White House World Refugee Day Champions of Change Event: 6-25-15

On June 25, 2015, The White House recognized 10 individuals as World Refugee Day Champions of Change who are making a difference in the lives of refugees in the United States and abroad, including Sasha Chanoff, Executive Director of RefugePoint.

Sep 2012

Congolese Reunion

A Congolese mother separated from her husband and children and believed to be dead reunites with her family in the United States.

Sep 2012

Travel with RefugePoint to Kakuma Refugee Camp

Photographer Nancy Farese with PhotoPhilanthropy traveled to Kakuma Refugee Camp in November 2011 on behalf of RefugePoint to document the lives of Darfuri refugees. Music provided by Michael Franti.

Sep 2011

60 Minutes 2002: The Lost Boys of Sudan

Sep 2009

RefugePoint – Somali Orphan Reunion

This short film offers a glimpse into the lives of six children who fled Somalia in 2002 for Nairobi after their mother disappeared and their father and grandfather were murdered because they were members of the minority Tunni tribe. Unable to seek safety in the refugee camp because of the notorious violence against minority tribes, the children have been living alone on the streets of Nairobi with 16-year-old Mohammed taking on the sole responsibility for caring for himself and his five siblings. On November 4th, 2008, with the help of RefugePoint (formly Mapendo International) – an organization that protects the most at risk refugees in Africa – the children were reunited with their grandmother and Aunt in Columbus, Ohio.

Sep 2009

RefugePoint – Sudanese Orphan Reunion

RefugePoint (formerly Mapendo International) helps reunite Sudanese refugee orphans with their only remaining family members.