Mission and Values

Lasting Solutions for Refugees

Imagine a future where refugees can reach safety, regardless of where they’ve fled from or the color of their skin. A future where people don’t have to risk their lives in search of a safe place to call home. Where they are welcomed with open arms. RefugePoint is working to make this future a reality.

Instead of asking, “how can we feed and shelter more refugees longer?” RefugePoint asks, “what are the long-term solutions that will enable refugees to lead healthy lives and become contributing members of society again?” Those are the solutions that RefugePoint works to expand through our three tactics: direct services, field building, and systems change. We deal with the solutions side of refugee response rather than the emergency assistance side.

Self-reliance: We partner with refugees who are stuck in the countries to which they’ve fled on their journey from vulnerability to self-reliance. We work with people to determine how they can use their skills and resources to reach their goals and we support them along the way.

Resettlement and other pathways to safety: Unfortunately, many refugees face life-threatening danger and can’t become self-reliant where they are. We help these people relocate to a safe, new country so that they can rebuild their lives. To do this, our staff work across Africa and around the world to identify refugees for resettlement to the US, Canada, Australia and other countries. We’ve also developed unique programs that reunite refugee families, and help people relocate for work and education opportunities.

Through our direct service work, we reach refugees who fall through the cracks of the humanitarian aid system. We develop innovative programs and demonstrate that they work. We then collaborate with organizations, the UN and governments to scale these solutions to reach refugees around the world.

RefugePoint has directly assisted over 100,000 refugees to access resettlement and other pathways to safety and has worked in partnership with others to guarantee access for thousands more. Learn more about our impact.



RefugePoint envisions an inclusive world where all refugees can safely build stable, connected, and thriving lives.



RefugePoint partners with refugees to access life-changing solutions and transforms how the world supports them.



Refugee-Centered, Anti-Racist & Anti-Colonial, Equity-Focused, Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Informed, and Collaborative

RefugePoint Values


RefugePoint recognizes the importance of and is deeply committed to creating space for and elevating refugee voices and leadership within the organization and the broader humanitarian community. RefugePoint partners with refugees to achieve their aims and is committed to ensuring that refugees are an integral part of our program design, implementation, and monitoring and our overall agency governance.

Anti-Racist & Anti-Colonial

Recognizing that racism, colonialism, and global white supremacy have caused many of the inequities driving the world’s refugee situations, RefugePoint aims to strengthen the pursuit of our vision, mission, and values by integrating anti-racist and anti-colonial principles in all that we do. This includes our internal policies and systems as well as our programs and our choice of partnerships, to ensure we are building a community of stakeholders who embrace these same values.


Recognizing that refugees with extreme vulnerabilities are often particularly disadvantaged in their access to resources, RefugePoint aims to strengthen equity in the humanitarian sector through our work delivering services, sharing resources, capacity, and learning, and influencing policies and systems. We believe that those caught in systems that disadvantage them deserve equal access to services and solutions.


Recognizing that mental health is an integral part of refugee response programming, RefugePoint strives to integrate a trauma-informed approach into our programs and offer mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) services to clients and staff. Our front-line staff are trained on psychological first aid and trauma-informed communication, better equipping them to avoid re-traumatizing clients, provide support to clients in emotional distress, and meet their own self-care needs.


Recognizing that knowledge is personal, context-driven and evolving, RefugePoint uses an evidence-informed approach that integrates expertise from both staff and clients alongside evidence from research, reporting, monitoring and evaluation, and other sources. We aim to capitalize on that evidence and knowledge through routine and rigorous review of programs, policies, and systems to ensure continuous adaptation and improvement.


Recognizing that the urgency and magnitude of humanitarian need requires shared responsibility and collective action among many stakeholders, RefugePoint is committed to taking a collaborative approach in our work. We seek opportunities to share mutual learning and strengthen the capacity of local and global partners, to find solidarities with displaced and host communities, and to accelerate impact through engaging in, building and leading networks and consortia.