Newcomer welcomed through Sponsor Circle Program, has her contributions to society acknowledged as a special guest at White House Correpondents Dinner


(Washington, DC) Humaira Rasuli is a leading human rights lawyer from Afghanistan. She was one of the high-priority individuals evacuated from Kabul due to the imminent risk she faced with the rise of the Taliban. Upon evacuation to the US, Humaira was sponsored by William & Mary University and supported by Homes for Refugees USA through the Sponsor Circle Program for Afghans. In recognition of her contributions to society, Humaira is a special guest of George Lehner, RefugePoint’s board chair, at tonight’s White House Correspondents dinner in Washington.

On October 25, 2021, the Sponsor Circle Program was created by the Community Sponsorship Hub to welcome Afghans evacuated to the US directly into communities. This groundbreaking program harnesses the goodwill of the American people to welcome newcomers seeking safety. The Sponsor Circle Program continues to welcome Afghans while it is simultaneously preparing to support Ukrainians who will soon be welcomed into communities across the US as part of Uniting for Ukraine

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