RefugePoint Stands in Solidarity and Grief With the Tree of Life Synagogue

The unspeakable violence that claimed the lives of eleven members of the Tree of Life synagogue over the weekend has left us shocked and devastated. RefugePoint mourns and grieves with all those impacted by this violence.
The killer targeted Jews whose synagogue partners with the refugee organization HIAS to build an inclusive society that welcomes refugees, people who contribute so much to our nation’s fabric and economy. Many houses of worship of different faiths similarly welcome refugees. These values have always underpinned our nation and must continue to do so. This NYT op-ed, America – and Judaism – at its Best, highlights what HIAS and America mean to so many refugees.
In addition to helping refugees who come to the U.S., HIAS protects the lives of vulnerable refugees around the world who have no safe place to relocate. We are proud to partner with HIAS in this work and we stand in solidarity with this noble institution, with refugees, and with all those who welcome and care for them.