$1 Million Emergency Campaign Goal Achieved with Focusing Philanthropy

On November 6, RefugePoint succeeded in securing $1 million to support an emergency campaign with Focusing Philanthropy. We closed the campaign with a gift of $25,000 from a long-time RefugePoint supporter, Lekha Singh. These campaign funds support the evacuation of unaccompanied refugee children and others at great risk from Libya and the region and their resettlement to European Union and other countries.

RefugePoint is working hand in hand with the UN Refugee Agency on these efforts to protect refugees seeking dignity and safety whose lives hang in the balance.

Focusing Philanthropy, a charitable organization that supports effective nonprofits on the front lines of the world’s greatest challenges, matched all donations to reach the $1,000,000 goal.

A fundamental step in completing the campaign occurred when RefugePoint received the 2018 Espíritu Award from the Isabel Allende Foundation, which was accompanied by a $100,000 gift. The award is in recognition of RefugePoint’s unique work to find lasting solutions for the world’s most at-risk refugees.

RefugePoint thanks all of the donors who supported this campaign and saw the urgency of this crisis, as well as Focusing Philanthropy, a devoted partner in working to support and protect refugees in life-threatening situations.