New Monthly Newsletter! Spotlight on Child Protection

This month, RefugePoint launches its new Monthly Newsletter! Each month we will highlight a specific area of our work, which will also be featured on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts throughout the month. This month, we are featuring Child Protection, which underpins all that we do at RefugePoint. 

Over 50% of refugees are children, many of whom have lost their traditional support systems, like extended family, neighbors, and teachers, leaving them susceptible to abuse, violence, exploitation, and continued trauma.

  • What is it like to be a child refugee? Former refugee and RefugePoint client Edith Tye, resettled to the U.S. just before her 18th birthday, shares her story. Keep Reading.
  • What is it like to be RefugePoint Child Protection Expert? A RefugePoint Child Protection Expert provides a firsthand account of her experience working with refugee kids evacuated from Libya to Niger. Keep Reading.
  • What does RefugePoint do to help? Learn more about what RefugePoint Child Protection Experts do.
  • In order to better understand the protection risks that refugee kids face, our Child Protection Expert working in Huye, Rwanda was recently involved in a Participatory Assessment which invited 30 refugee children to use photography, painting, and drawing to depict their daily lives and hopes for the future. Keep Reading.