Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Why Do We Focus On Protecting Women Refugees?

Women and girls face an increased risk of physical abuse, exploitation, and assault. In addition, they are frequently compelled to rely on dangerous survival strategies or are forced into marriage and early motherhood. Furthermore, war and flight often separates families and leaves women as the head of the household.

What is RefugePoint Doing to Help?

We prioritize women and girls in all of our work. In Nairobi, for example, our group-counseling program offers tailored therapy groups, including one specialized group for women who are raising children born as a result of rape. These groups provide much-needed stability and help women to develop social support networks and learn critical coping mechanisms. Groups frequently continue to meet even after formal sessions end.

Meet Our (S)heroes: Ayantu and Fawzia

Ayantu: It is just after 6:00 a.m., and the gates to Burma market, Nairobi’s largest meat market, are about to open. Throughout the day, over 20,000 people – clients from restaurants, butcheries, and individuals, will descend on the market to buy their meat in bulk. Most of the meat sellers waiting at the gate are men – this is a very male-dominated business – but at the front of the crowd is Ayantu, a single mom of three, and one of the few women operating in this market. Keep Reading.

Fawzia and her daughter were resettled to Canada in 2013, where Fawzia is now living independently and working as a caretaker, and her daughter is a well-adjusted 7th-grader. Prior to resettlement, however, Fawzia and her daughter faced the types of challenges that so many of our female clients face, including violence and sexual assault. RefugePoint’s counseling support was one critical resource that kept the family stable until they were able to access resettlement. Keep Reading.

Sandra Uwiringiyimana Joins the RefugePoint Board of Directors

We are thrilled to welcome Sandra Uwiringiyimana as RefugePoint’s newest Board member! Sandra, who co-authored her memoir How Dare The Sun Rise, is also the co-founder of Jimbere Fund, a nonprofit organization on a mission to launch women-led enterprises in rural communities of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Sandra is a former refugee and RefugePoint client who survived the Gatumba massacre and was resettled with her family to the U.S. in 2007. Sandra joined RefugePoint at the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where she had the honor of meeting President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama (photo right).

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