The US Proposes Resettling Zero Refugees

RefugePoint, an organization founded as a lifeline for forgotten refugees, denounces reports that some Trump administration officials have proposed resettling zero refugees in fiscal year 2020

RefugePoint has worked hand in hand with US government officials in both Republican and Democratic administrations to resettle refugees to the US, helping to fulfill the organization’s mission to find solutions for the most at-risk refugees. Despite the historically low resettlement ceiling of 30,000 set by President Trump for 2019, RefugePoint has been able to reach unaccompanied children, refugees from LGBTIQ communities, survivors of violence and others in grave danger.

“Stopping all resettlement would slam the door on nearly 40,000 refugees overseas that US immigration officers have already interviewed and approved to come to the US. These include young children who must be reunited with their parents, Iraqi interpreters who risked their lives to serve American troops, and others whom the vast majority of Americans would agree we have a moral obligation to protect,” said RefugePoint’s executive director Sasha Chanoff.

“The US resettlement program, built by Presidents Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama is one of our proudest bipartisan traditions. It supports our national security interests, brings in people who renew America with their work ethic, ingenuity, and drive to succeed, and has distinguished us as a moral leader. With an unprecedented number of refugees in the world, America can’t afford to withdraw from international responsibility-sharing. Doing so will only exacerbate the conflicts and political hostilities that force people to flee their homes, and will signal to other countries that they may close their doors as well,” said Amy Slaughter, RefugePoint’s chief strategy officer.

RefugePoint is a member of Refugee Council USA whose press release provides additional details.