RefugePoint Responds to Proposed 2021 Low Cap on Refugee Resettlement

RefugePoint is on the frontlines helping refugees in peril to resettle to safety. From Libya, to Iraq, to South Africa, and globally, there are those who might not survive without resettlement. 

Yesterday, September 30, 2020, President Trump released a report to Congress proposing that the US will accept a maximum of 15,000 refugees through the US resettlement program in federal fiscal year 2021. This is a continued reduction from prior annual targets, far below the historical average admissions goal of 95,000, and a gross and unacceptable abdication of responsibility and leadership. 

President Trump himself has signaled the importance of the program with his executive order calling for the resettlement of persecuted residents fleeing Hong Kong, and yet his actions continue to undermine and dismantle this program. By limiting resettlement so dramatically, Trump is slamming the door on many in their hour of greatest need, and further crippling American foreign policy and influence in the world.

Along with the other members of Refugee Council USA, RefugePoint urges the Administration to set a Presidential Determination of 95,000 for Fiscal Year 2021.