RefugePoint’s Statement on U.S. Presidential Election Results

President-Elect Joe Biden has made a unique commitment to refugee resettlement—announcing that he will restore the United States’ global leadership to protect those fleeing violence, war, and persecution. 

As we watched the election results, we thought of all the refugees to whom we dedicate ourselves. We thought of the trauma, crushed hopes, and threatened lives of people who would have reunited with family, of people who needed to escape their perilous circumstances, yet were cruelly and needlessly shut out over the last four years. 

Now, that will change. A new journey is beginning. The U.S. will once again lead. RefugePoint’s work and vision to find those who fall through the cracks of assistance will expand. 

RefugePoint’s resettlement, child protection, family reunion, and labor mobility experts are working on the frontlines to identify people who need to relocate to safety. We are ready to expand our distinct role to help rebuild a new U.S. Resettlement Program so that it is better, stronger, and reaches more people in need. 

We are dedicated to working with the new Biden/Harris Administration, as we did with the Obama and Bush administrations, to ensure that it can meet its commitments to offer refuge to those who need it the most.

Thankfully, the world will once again hear America’s unique voice calling and acting for freedom, justice, and solace for the world’s dispossessed. We will amplify that voice.