Stories of Second Chances and New Beginnings: RefugePoint’s 2021 New Year’s Message

In 2020 we joined the refugees we serve in confronting COVID-19. The pandemic decimated livelihoods, grounded flights to safety, and prevented the reunion of vulnerable unaccompanied children with their families. 

Despite the many challenges of 2020, there were also uplifting and inspiring moments. Many of our refugee clients in Nairobi found innovative ways to continue operating their small businesses, like the barber who set up a hand-washing station in front of his salon, and the tailor who began making and selling face masks. 

In December, at our 15th-anniversary celebration, we heard the stories and testimonies (see video below) of former refugees who are now resettled—stories that showed us what the future can look like for those who started out in the most dangerous of circumstances.  



The knowledge that you were standing with us last year lessened the fear and uncertainty that we all felt to one degree or another. And, thanks to private funds from generous donors like you, our ability to be a first responder was invaluable for many refugees who were plunged into desperation when the pandemic began.

We enter 2021 confronting additional challenges, but also knowing that change is on the way, and with it hope, opportunity, and many more inspiring stories of second chances and new beginnings.


Thank you,

Sasha Chanoff